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Basic Instructions for Use
  • STEP 1: If this is the first time you have used the calculator on this computer, you will need to modify the values in the "Calculator Default Settings" box to match the values used in your court. When you have finished modifying these values, be sure to click "Save Settings". Doing so will allow the values you entered to be saved for the next time you use the calculator.
  • STEP 2: In the field labeled "Base Fine/Court Cost Amount", enter one of the following:
    • Base Fine amount: Enter the Base Fine amount if you are using the calculator to calculate all applicable additions and surcharges to be added to a base fine.
    • Court Cost: Enter the Court Cost amount if you are using the calculator to back out the base fine and all additional charges from a preset, total fine amount.
  • STEP 3: If calculating a partial payment schedule, select one of the partial payment options and fill in the requested partial payment information.
  • STEP 4: If you entered a Base Fine in STEP 2 above, click the "Calculate Total Due" Button. If you entered the total Court Cost in STEP 2, click the "Calculate Base Fine" Button
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Calculator Questions

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