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1) What are the acceptable means of remitting funds from these interest bearing accounts?
There are three ways which interest may be remitted to GSCCCA.
  • The clerk of court/sheriff may remit a check along with the Monthly Interest Remittance Report and mail to GSCCCA,
  • The court’s/sheriff’s financial institution may remit a check along with the Monthly Interest Remittance Report and mail to GSCCCA,
  • The clerk or sheriff may authorize the GSCCCA to debit the interest monthly using an authorized ACH debit upon electronic submission of the Monthly Interest Remittance Report to be completed by your office online at
2) What is an ACH transfer?
ACH (Automatic Clearinghouse) is the process of debiting an account for the interest. The debit is initiated by GSCCCA monthly on ACH authorized accounts. If your office elects to utilize this service, an ACH Authorization Form must be completed and sent to your financial institution and GSCCCA.
3) How will GSCCCA get the information to establish ACH transfers?
GSCCCA has a standardized ACH Authorization form which should be completed by the clerk or sheriff and provided to both the financial institution of the account and GSCCCA. The ACH Authorization Form provides the necessary account and routing information needed to successfully debit the account. The ACH Authorization Form is available at
4) Who is subject to the Clerks and Sheriffs trust account program?
Sheriffs and Superior, State, Magistrate, and Probate court clerks
5) What if my court does not have an interest bearing trust account or my fees exceed the interest earned?
These are two exceptions for which a court may receive a waiver. In order to receive the waiver, your office should complete and submit a Waiver Request Form to GSCCCA. The Waiver Request Form is available at Waiver requests should be renewed annually.
6) Previously a duplicate statement was sent to the GPDSC for initiating an ACH transfer. Will a duplicate statement be allowable?
No. The only acceptable forms for remittance are the Monthly Interest Remittance Report and the Monthly Interest Remittance Report – Sheriffs. These forms are available at
7) Do these changes affect interest earned for IOLTA accounts?
No. The changes resulting from HB 1245 affect only Clerk and Sheriff Trust accounts.

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